With the new FIRE+ICE single room heat pump with cooling option, ETHERMA presents an innovative monobloc air heat pump that does not require an outdoor unit at all.

Heater and air conditioner in one – perfect for all year round

Flexible control via touch display on the device or remote control

Very low noise for restful sleep: night mode: 27dB(A) at 2 m

Optimal decentralized heating solution for the renovation of individual apartments (private or cooperative)

Monobloc air source heat pump without outdoor unit, for rooms up to 35m2

Combination with photovoltaics possible

Easy mounting by electrician or installer on the inside of exterior walls

No refrigeration technician needed for installation


Independent heating.
Comfortable cooling.

Minimalist design. Maximum efficiency. With the new FIRE+ICE single room heat pump with cooling option, ETHERMA presents an innovative monobloc air heat pump that does not require an outdoor unit at all. It is perfect for rooms up to 35m2, such as living rooms or bedrooms, and impresses with a COP (Coefficient of Performance) value of 3.28 at 7°C. Best of all, the FIRE+ICE can be quickly and easily installed on the inside of exterior walls.

A real revolution.

The compact FIRE+ICE represents the optimal decentralized solution for individual residential units – whether for old buildings or for the quick and easy renovation of apartments. It doesn’t matter whether you want to become independent of oil, gas or a night storage tank as a private apartment owner or whether you want to convert any number of apartments as a housing cooperative without much effort. This is because central heat pumps are usually not permitted or there is no space for them, especially in multi-apartment buildings in urban areas.

Efficient. Electric. Heating.

Cleverly combined with electricity from solar, hydro or wind power, ETHERMA’s electric heating systems are already helping to reduce CO2 emissions. With fast, virtually lossless heat at the touch of a button. Without technical room. Without maintenance. Without fuel supply. Without complex line installation. The innovative FIRE+ICE residential heat pump with climate function is another step towards a sustainable future.

Want to see what the FIRE+ICE looks like in your home?

See right now where the FIRE+ICE fits best in your home!

  1. Click on the button.
  2. Scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Tap “AR” and place the FIRE+ICE on any wall in your home. Please keep in mind that it must be an exterior wall. You can also virtually slide the device back and forth. Have fun!

Ready for FIRE+ICE?

The compact FIRE+ICE represents the optimal decentralized solution for individual residential units – whether for old buildings or for the quick and easy renovation of apartments.


For housing renovation.

For existing homes in particular, there are few alternatives for innovative, easy-to-install heating systems. Thus, ETHERMA heating systems are the perfect solution for decentralized gas boilers or old night storage heaters. If you are already investing in a new heating system, ETHERMA is the best choice.

Turn old into new. From gas heating to the
ETHERMA overall concept.


  • Radiator

  • Decentralized gas boiler


  • FIRE+ICE heat pump

  • LAVA® BATH PURE Infrared heating

  • LAVA® BASIC-DM infrared heater

  • eFLOOR DS PRO Mesh heating mat set

  • AQUA WHL instantaneous water heater 

  • AQUA WSP Hot water tank

Comfort in all rooms.
Without oil and gas.

In larger rooms, the FIRE+ICE is ideal for heating. For smaller or temporarily used rooms (kitchen, bathroom, hallway) and rooms without an external wall (a prerequisite for the installation of the FIRE+ICE), infrared panels and electric floor heating are used. The ETHERMA AQUA product line for centralized and decentralized water heating completes the overall concept. Whether heating or hot water: ETHERMA is a one-stop shop.

One-time investment ETHERMA devices

Type Amount
Price per piece
excl. VAT.
excl. VAT.
Connected load
in kW
Heat pump
2 2,580.00 € 5,160.00 € 5.72
Infrared heating
1 730.49 € 730.49 € 0.5
Infrared heating
1 469.77 € 469.77 € 0.35
Mesh heating mat set 
1 728.14 € 728.14 € 0.8
Thermostat kitchen 
1 226.91 € 226.91 € -
Total heating  7,315.31 € 7.37
Hot water
instantaneous water heater 
1 535.70 € 535.70 € 15
Hot water tank 
1 296.45 € 296.45 € 2
Total hot water 832.15 € 17
Total heating
and hot water excl. VAT
8,147.46 € 24.37
Total Germany incl. 19 % VAT 9,695.48 €
Total Austria incl. 20 % VAT 9,776.95 €

Total cost comparison according to VDI 2067 (example calculation)

Gas combi boiler
incl. replacement & 19 % VAT
ETHERMA concept
incl. 20 % VAT
ETHERMA concept
incl. 19 % VAT
Investment costs 9,011.00 € 9,776.95 € 9,695.48 €
Ø Service life of the heat generator 18 years 15 years 15 years
Energy price per kWh1 0.18 € 0.31 € 0.37 €
Ø Overall efficiency of the heat generator 0.85 2.7 2.7
Total energy required 18,613 kWh 6,775 kWh  6,775 kWh
Annual investment costs2 770.90 € 941.88 € 934.03 €
Annual operating costs3 4,044.00 € 2,535.00 € 3,026.00 €
Annual maintenance costs  259.53 € 48.29 €4 47.90 €4
Total cost/year over useful life 3.672,58 € 2.937,80€ 4,007.93 €

1 Energy prices prices as of 2023/04/20:
for Austria: MaxEnergy gas 12.94 ct/kWh, Salzburg AG electricity 31 ct/kWh
for Germany average prices: gas 18 ct/kWh, electricity 37 ct/kWh

2 About the calculated useful life

3 The annual performance factor of the FIRE+ICE is assumed to be 3; infrared panels and FBH: 1,200 full load hours/year.

4 Maintenance costs for water heaters

Advantages of the ETHERMA overall concept

  • Fast, virtually lossless heat

  • Heat completely independently

  • Highest supply security

  • No gas boiler in the apartment

  • No technical room, no fuels, no maintenance

  • Comfortable individual room control

  • Cooling in summer (FIRE+ICE)

  • No technical room, no fuels, no maintenance

  • More favorable in the long term in of total cost accounting 


Electric floor heating from ETHERMA

  • Pleasant radiant heat

  • Under tiles, laminate, parquet or stone 

  • Low installation height with max. 4 mm, ideal for subsequent renovation

  • Immediately noticeable heat, no inertia as with water-guided floor heating systems 


Infrared heating from ETHERMA

  • Very high radiation efficiency 

  • Save up to 3 degrees and thus up to 18 % energy and costs

  • Pleasant infrared heat 

  • Fast heating response

  • Modern design 

  • For wall or ceiling 

Easy operation.

This is how the FIRE+ICE single room heat pump works.

Circuit 1: Outside air

  • Outside air is drawn into the unit through an opening in the outside wall.

  • Heat is extracted from this outside air by means of a heat exchanger. 

  • The cooled outside air is led back outside through the second opening. 


Circuit 2: Indoor air

  • The heat extracted from the outside air is continuously supplied to the room air.

  • The outside air circuit and the inside air circuit are completely decoupled from each other in terms of air technology.

  • In cooler outside air temperatures, the integrated auxiliary heating element is automatically activated if required.

According to the same principle, the FIRE+ICE also works as an air conditioner. Except that in this case the indoor air is cooled.

Everything under control

The compact FIRE+ICE represents the optimal decentralised solution for individual residential units – whether for old buildings or for the quick and easy renovation of apartments. Flexible control via touch display on the device or with the remote control makes the FIRE+ICE easy to operate at any time.


Three steps to perfect assembly.

The FIRE+ICE single room heat pump can be easily mounted on the inside of any vertical exterior wall with a smooth surface. This makes it ideal for retrofitting. Only two core holes and one small hole are required.

Most of the installation is carried out from the inside – except for fitting the external covers. As no refrigeration engineer is required, the FIRE+ICE heat pump can be installed by an electrician or plumber, for example. The insulated wall duct protects against cold bridges.

Unattractive, clunky outdoor units familiar from conventional heat pumps or air conditioners are now a thing of the past.

  • Two core drillings with a diameter of 200 mm each for supply and exhaust air TEST

  • A 20 mm diameter hole for the small condensation hose

  • Inserting the insulated wall duct and attaching the outer caps

  • Fastening of the wall mounting rail with 6 screws (included in the scope of delivery)

  • Electrical connection of the FIRE+ICE by means of mains cable or junction box

  • Hook the device into the wall mounting rail – done!


Facade with conventional outdoor units


As good as invisible – FIRE+ICE


The innovative single room
heat pump with cooling option

Technical data
Rated voltage: 230 V
Fuse (inert):  16 A
Max. Connected load without/with additional electric heating:  1,06/2,86 kW
Power auxiliary heating:  1,8 kW
Max. Heating capacity at 7°C outdoor temperature without/with E auxiliary heating: 3,05/4,85 kW
Max. Heating capacity at 2°C outdoor temperature without/with E auxiliary heater 2,51/4,31 kW
Max. Heating capacity at -7°C outdoor temperature without/with E auxiliary heating: 1,60/3,40 kW
Max. Cooling capacity at 35/27°C:  3,10 kW
COP bei 7°C (Coefficient of Performance): 3,28
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio):  3,25
Sound pressure level indoor: 27,0-41,0 dB(A)
Refrigerant: R32 (0,5 kg)
Air hole diameter outer wall (x2): 200 mm 
Condensation hose diameter outer wall (x1): 20 mm 
Weight:  41 kg
Plug connection line:  1,7 m
Protection class:  IPX0
Energy efficiency class heating:  A
Energy efficiency class cooling:  A+

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Does the device have a weekly program or only on/off function? 

There is a daily/weekly program, but only with on/off, not with 2 different temperatures.

Are there connection possibilities with “smart systems” like Loxon or KNX?

No, the control is only possible via the integrated control or via the own app, because not only the room temperature, but also some other parameters are adjustable (fan speeds, modes, airflow direction).

Is the outside cover available with individual color?

We have the aluminum covers (Art. No. 48096) in the program as accessories. These can be painted by the customer in different colors. The mounting is recommended with a diffusion densities mounting adhesive on the flange to the house wall. Since the cover is open, the weather protection plates (Art. No. 48097) are recommended additionally.

How much condensate does FIRE+ICE produce?

In winter, a maximum of 4.8 litres per 24 hours is achieved. For this, however, the unit must run continuously at full load.

In summer, a maximum of 21.6 litres of condensate can be produced in 24 hours – based on the dehumidification function.

Are there any extensions available if a kneeling floor or distance from the wall has to be taken?

The unit must be mounted directly on an exterior wall. No other installation is possible at present. A sheetrock cladding can be made in front of the unit on site if the knee storey is too low. 

Note the maximum air hole length of 1m and that there must be no kinks in the air hole!

Can all three holes be made vandal-proof?

Unfortunately, 100% protection against vandalism cannot be guaranteed. The aluminum grille (accessory art. no. 48096) together with the weather protection plates (accessory art. no. 48097) can be used as external covers, as can the additional insect screen (accessory art. no. 48098) for the inlet.

How does the defrost function work?

If the compressor has been on for 4 minutes and the temperature measured by the evaporation probe (on the upper pipe of the heat exchanger) falls below 0°C for 20 seconds, the compressor and the lower fan are switched off while the upper fan remains on. After 3 minutes, when the evaporation probe temperature is > 7°C, the compressor and the lower fan switch on again.

Austria: Does the air/air heat pump have to be registered with local authorities?

This is regulated differently at the municipal level. Please clarify the requirements via the municipality depending on the building project.

Can the outside air unit be cleaned?

Yes, the outdoor air unit can be cleaned. However, the FIRE+ICE must be removed from the inside so that the supply and exhaust air ducts can be cleaned. We recommend cleaning about every 2 years, depending on use (especially in summer).

Is there a technician access with which the threshold values can be adjusted (e.g. from which range the additional heaters switch on,…)?

No – unfortunately there is no such mode at the moment. The customer has no influence on the threshold parameters.

What is the BTU (British Thermal Unit) value of FIRE+ICE (cooling capacity with climate function)?

The cooling capacity is 2.33 kW. This corresponds to 8,000 BTU.

What is the standby power of the FIRE+ICE?

The ohmic standby power is 7.3 W. Some measuring devices display up to 70 W – this includes the inductive load.

Can the temperature shown on the display be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Yes – the displayed temperature can be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit (and vice versa).

Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Switch on the FIRE+ICE
Step 2: Press and hold the down button on the device display until the temperature unit is changed.


More from ETHERMA?

With ETHERMA products you can save up to 3 degrees and thus up to 18 % energy and costs. Visit us on our website and learn more about our products.